Fritz the Cat (1972)

Fritz is a student at NYU, though like most of these pampered college kids he never actually goes to class. Of course, even if he did, he’d just have those left-wing professors feeding them that anti-American, anti-Christian crap these pinko infested campuses are bastions for. Instead of being brainwashed in class though, Fritz heads to the park with his guitar and a couple of buddies, but their band only really goes into action when some big-bootied gals wander by, showing us that they have what it takes to be rock stars!

Eventually, he discovers that the ladies flock to a crow (they represent the black folks in this movie) and try to impress him with all their white guilt and classes they’re taking in African studies. He blows them off, giving the enterprising Fritz his opening. He lets loose with a torrent of babble about how his soul hurts and he’s on a quest for meaning and all the other great intellectual challenges that have fueled hours of upper middle class faux-conversations for years. And of course it works!

Fritz hooks up with some broads and he ends up doing some drugs and having an orgy with these women and then the cops show up to bust some heads. Proving that hippie cartoonists only appreciate the sledgehammer approach to social commentary, the cops are literally pigs!

Fritz the Cat 2

They break up the party, but the drugged out Fritz climbs out of his toilet hiding place and steals one of their guns and shoots up the toilet! Fritz becomes a fugitive and we are treated to a long scene of pure tedium as Fritz hides out at a synagogue.

Fritz finds his way to a bar inhabited by crows and he hooks up with a pool player and they end up leaving together and stealing a car. His new friend takes him to score some joints and Fritz ends up on a booty call with one of the crows. It was while watching him trying to take a bite out of either her breast or ass that I was thinking that Bob Barker was right when he implored all of us to have our pets either spayed or neutered.

Fritz is doing his bit to bridge the racial divide in this country by screwing this crow in an old abandoned bus when he finally realizes what his mission in life is. He goes back to the hood and announces to every crow in earshot that they should throw off the chains of the masters and revolt. The pigs arrive and one of them gets a bottle in the eye and the race riot is on!

Fritz the Cat 1

Fritz sort of disappears during all this, hiding around a corner as the cops roll in and the US Air Force starts dropping napalm on the hood in an effort to put down the riots. His pal from the pool hall gets shot and his death is one of the stronger moments in the movie, very messy and nasty, intercut with shots of pool balls dropping into their holes until the last one falls and the crow croaks.

As for Fritz, he hooks up with an old girlfriend named Winston and they head out to the coast. In hippie parlance, this is known as “buggin’ out.” Fritz is going there to find out “where it’s at” or something. If this movie was good for something other than watching cartoon characters behave like cast members of The Real World, it was for refreshing myself on hippiespeak.

Fritz gets tired of Winston being a drag and leaves her in the desert and finds new friends in a blue stoner Nazi biker rabbit and his horse-faced girlfriend. This is where Fritz gets embroiled in a revolutionary plot to blow up a power plant. Just before the dynamite goes off next to Fritz at the plant, he realizes that love is where it’s at.

Fritz the Cat 3

Surprisingly, the movie doesn’t come off as all that dated. After all, we still have all the problems between the races, liberal apologists for it, guys who start rock bands to get chicks, druggie bikers, and idiots who want to blow stuff up to make some obscure political point about how America sucks.

If the movie’s point was to puncture the self-importance of the hippie culture, it did do a good job of that, but I think by now we all realize that it was a collection of spoiled rich kids (these losers are now called Baby Boomers) who weren’t interested in anything except pretending to be smart and getting their kicks.

I’m no fan of the kids today, what with all their gloomy antics and skateboarding all over, but anyone that complains about them not being as “aware” as their tie-dyed ancestors, needs to realize that they are exactly the same as the hippies, just like every generation before and ever after will be. They’re looking to spread their wings, find their own way, get shitfaced and bang as much booty as their roofies will allow them to. The animation in this movie is quite well done, but the movie makes its strongest point by showing these traitor hippies to be the looking-to-get-laid-druggie-scum that all right thinking Americans always knew they were.

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