The Plague of the Zombies (1966)

PlagueOfTheZombiesPosterYou probably remember the tagline from this movie’s poster: When there is no more room in hell, the dead will rise and work in an old abandoned tin mine in Cornwall. You can imagine the terror that strikes in the hearts of out of work miners everywhere. With increased automation, jobs going overseas, and lower wages and benefits, now there’s competition from dead people! And they don’t have to worry about black lung disease because they don’t even breathe! Continue reading “The Plague of the Zombies (1966)”

The Beyond (1981)

Everything starts innocently enough when a mob of angry townspeople in the Louisiana bayous way back in 1927 invade The Seven Doors Hotel and brutalize a painter staying in Room 36. There is also a book involved with the title “Eiobon” which is one of those books that some off screen voice always reads from promising gloom and doom for dopes foolish enough to buy the old Seven Doors Hotel.

To the beginning bed and breakfast owner, it sounds a bit like a money pit. The unscrupulous real estate agent in me though is already trying to figure out how to work “every room comes equipped with a luxurious gateway hell and HBO” into the inevitable listing once the new owners get trapped in the zombie-infested basement! Continue reading “The Beyond (1981)”

Psychomania (1973)

PsychomaniaPosterAs soon as you see a dude in his colors straddling his chrome horse and eating up blacktop while the pigs are sucking his fumes, you know you’re in for another biker gang movie full of drinking, brawling, and weird slang. You could take it or leave it, right? But what would you say if this was a biker gang who died and came back as zombies? And what if it starred Oscar winning film legend George Sanders? I know exactly what you’d say: looks we finally solved the mystery of why Oscar winning film legend George Sanders committed suicide right after making this movie! Continue reading “Psychomania (1973)”