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Karate Cop (1991)

KarateCopCoverOmega Cop is back! And this time he’s Karate Cop! Why? Because that’s the title of the movie! Ron Marchini, the short, stocky guy with large ears who in Omega Cop played the last of the Special Police on a planet suffering from the Greenhouse Effect, again plays John Travis in a post-apocalyptic tale of a guy obsessed with his hat! Continue reading

Omega Cop (1990)

OmegaCopCoverIf your mom has told once, she’s told you a thousand times: do not steal Omega Cop’s hat! A group of thugs learn that lesson the hard way during one of the seminal moments of this first Omega Cop adventure!

The world is being thrown into chaos by one of those Greenhouse Effect deals, causing water to be scarce and solar flares to be mega deadly! Even worse is that this has somehow caused gangs of slavers to be formed! And even worser yet, post-apocalyptic punks are out there stealing Omega Cop’s freaking hat! Continue reading