Angel Town (1990)

There’s a lot of stuff in Angel Town (directed by Eric Karson of Black Eagle fame) that doesn’t seem to go anywhere. Olivier Gruner‘s presence at Southern California University is good for about two scenes and nothing else. There’s some talk about Gruner training the Olympic team or something. There’s the flashbacks he has to his youth in France where he was treated poorly. And best of all, there’s the scene at the beginning of the movie when Gruner was still in France and a woman screws him in a cemetery! And he still decided to go to America! Continue reading “Angel Town (1990)”

Mars (1997)

This movie came maddeningly close to being a can’t miss entry in the whole “kickboxer busts up corrupt outer space mining colony” genre of films.

Olivier Gruner plays an emotionless mining cop who somehow gets almost emotionally involved in investigating his brother’s death. More importantly, he sports a pretty bad haircut (but not nearly as bad as the one in Savage) and throws his badge down on the ground after he finishes getting all sorts of vengeance on pretty much the entire population of Mars.

The mining company is up on Mars to mine Silex which is some kind of something that’s a really great source of fuel for all us greedy Earthlings. Like all miracle discoveries in science fiction though, Silex turns out to be decidedly un-miraclous. Continue reading “Mars (1997)”

Mercenary (1996)

Olivier Gruner faces his toughest mission ever! He must infiltrate the mountain fortress of the most feared terrorist on the planet, the evil Russian known as Phoenix! Phoenix is backed up the meanest assemblage of ex-Eastern European bad asses ever conceived in this dimension! He’s armed with the latest devastating weapons like SAM missiles that make any invasion of his hideout nothing short of pure suicide! And he’s already beat Olivier at his own game years before! But the tough part of Olivier’s mission is that he has take an out of shape and whiny John Ritter along for the ride!

John Ritter? You mean the dead guy who was on Three’s Company? The guy who finished up his career in one of those lame sitcoms playing one of those befuddled dads that always seem to be outwitted by their hot teenage daughter? Continue reading “Mercenary (1996)”