Dorothy in the Land of Oz (1980)

If you can watch Dorothy in the Land of Oz and watch Dorothy carrying around a talking pie and not snicker, I don’t want to know you. This marginally Thanksgiving-related special leaves you wondering if someone dosed your stuffing with LSD right from the beginning when the Wizard of Oz himself appears to steal said pie from Auntie Em’s window sill! (This was before the pie was transported with Dorothy and Toto to Oz and achieved sentience through the accidental application of a special powder.)

The Wizard is in Kansas after his crappy green turkey balloon lands practically in Dorthy’s front yard. Dorothy is also facing a crisis of her own (aside from the pilfered pie) as her aunt and uncle’s farm is going to be foreclosed on in the morning and she’s going to have to live with her cousins. But who has time to worry about the financial failings of her family when the balloon inflates and whisks her back to Oz for one more adventure!

But what could possibly top teaming up with the Tin Man, Cowardly Lion and Scarecrow to fight the Wicked Witch and her flying monkeys? Prepare yourself for the horror of… Tyrone the Terrible Toy Tinkerer! With the life giving powder that also brought the pie to life, he is going to bring an army of toy soldiers to life take over Oz! But Dorothy will not have to face him armed only with a yipping dog and yapping pie! Gone are her old friends (no doubt due to their giant egos and contract demands) and in their place are Jack Pumpkinhead, The Hungry Tiger and Tik-Tok, a wind up robot!

Sure, this sounds like a group of third-stringers and walk-ons, but Dorothy is such a superstar, she doesn’t need any of them anyway. Confronting Tyrone, she simply guilts him into stop being evil by telling him he could give out toys for Christmas and be known as Tyrone the Terrific! Loose ends are tied up when Ozma transports Dorothy’s house and aunt and uncle to Oz (and apparently beyond the reach of the evil bank who actually expects people to make their house payments) and a Thanksgiving feast is had by all!

At only about 24 minutes, with the deranged antics of all the weirdo denizens of Oz, sickeningly saccharine songs, and sight of Dorothy and all her friends riding on a giant green flying turkey as a volcano explodes, you really can’t go wrong firing this up for some late Thanksgiving night viewing with friends and a few drinks, though kids expecting anything remotely approaching Judy Garland’s The Wizard of Oz will likely want to throw those drinks in your face if you attempt to make them watch.

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