Cyber-Tracker 2 (1995)

The Cyber-Tracker (or “CyberTracker” depending on the movie) franchise is brought to an explosive conclusion in this sequel which is positively cybertastic!

Three long years after the events in the first CyberTracker film, Eric, Connie, and Jared return to do battle once again with evil cyborgs who are charged with enforcing the law, but have this disconcerting habit of being used to kill innocent people and assassinate politicians. The stakes are even higher though this time around because the Cyber-Trackers come in all sorts of awesome flavors!

There’s your regular old Cyber-Tracker that you’ll recall from the first film. He’s a bald guy who wears a leather motorcycle jacket for no reason. It’s the same bald guy as before, but even within this “regular” Cyber-Tracker model, you’ve got upgrades that have you experiencing a cybergasm before you can freaking stop yourself!

Tracker 9, the machine that saves Eric’s life at the beginning of the film and plays an important role at the end, is decked out all in metal, but more importantly has weapons where his hands should be, including a chain gun!

I have never in my life seen an occasion where a chain gun was anything other than a recipe for a welcome overdose of desensitizing and indiscriminate violence! And don’t think for a minute that Tracker 9 doesn’t leave any ammo left in his elbow either! This is a PM Entertainment film after all!

Cyber-Tracker 2 1

Cyber-Tracker 2 could have coasted to an easy win after Tracker 9 dispensed his unceasing extreme prejudice against scofflaws and no one could fault it if it did. The fact that they went to the effort of dressing up a guy in full cyborg regalia, weaponized him beyond all recognition and turned him loose in the first fifteen minutes of the movie is more than even I expected. And, yeah, I was expecting to have my ass kicked by all the Cyber Tracker/Don “The Dragon” Wilson action, but I was not prepared to have it kicked straight into the Andromeda Galaxy!

But that’s precisely what happened when evil businessman Paris Morgan unveiled his new and improved Cyber-Trackers! Behold! I give you the Connie Tracker and the Eric Tracker! Evil robotic doubles of the most famous anti-Tracker terrorist/news reporter and the toughest Secret Service agent ever? I just uploaded in my leather pants!

Now, I’m just a guy who likes to see other jacked up guys kicking each other in the face, so I’m not really well versed on all this big business stuff, but I couldn’t quite figure out why in the world a guy who is looking to assassinate the governor would try to implicate a well known newscaster who is married to a bad ass cop, both of whom battled Trackers in the past, by using Tracker doubles of them.

Wouldn’t it have caused less problems if you just used some anonymous guy who wasn’t going to destroy the entire city trying to clear his name? And if you’ve got this mega-technology available to you, why would you use it to kill a governor?

Cyber-Tracker 2 2

All that though is just what we in the legal field call a technicality because it doesn’t really matter whether the initial plan made any sense, it’s how much carnage is caused by all involved once the plan is put into action! And you can damn sure bet that everyone associated with this brings their A game to this Z budgeted picture!

Director Richard Pepin (Firepower, CyberTracker, Dark Breed) must have gotten a really sweet deal on a bunch of old cars and explosives because he just blows the piss out of everything he can get his hands on in this one! Even by the usually spectacularly destructive standards of a PM Entertainment film (Rage, Riot, the three previous Pepin films mentioned), Cyber-Tracker 2 stands out.

Right from the beginning of the movie during a sting operation Don The Dragon is running on some counterfeiters, you’ve got cars exploding, Don diving out of the way in slow motion multiple times, warehouses blowing up, guys on fire, countless thugs and cops getting shot, and even a little bit of kickfighting! Sure, it didn’t have anything to do with the main story, but a fourth of the movie is over before you can even catch your breath!

Then you’ve got a couple of car chases that end with vehicles sailing through the air, exploding for no reason and crashing and rolling on the ground in slow motion! And one of the car chases features Don The Dragon driving a Hummer he stole from a Tracker while the Tracker goes after him in an armored car he stole! And there’s even some kind of grenade launcher thing mounted on the back of the Hummer that Don The Dragon unloads on the armored car with!

Cyber-Tracker 2 3

Even sweeter is a police station massacre ripped from The Terminator, but like times a thousand! Heck, that one ends with the Don The Dragon Tracker tearing the arm off another Tracker and knocking it’s head clean off!

In looking back on Cyber-Tracker 2, I’m not sure how they could have squeezed that much action into three movies, let alone one!

There’s a showdown with the Don The Dragon Tracker at an old church which is being used as a hideout by an explosives expert named Tripwire that somehow involves everyone running through miles of steam tunnels! But even that isn’t the end of things!

How about a kickboxing battle to the finish between Don The Dragon and Paris Morgan who just happened to be one of the best ex-CIA special forces guys ever before he became a mercenary? And I don’t even have time to give you the lowdown on SuperTracker, the deadliest Tracker of them all!

And like all perfectly realized action movies, Cyber-Tracker 2 ends on an up note with everyone laughing as Tracker 9 finally calls Don The Dragon by his first name! Oh Tracker 9! You and that chain gun are simply too much!

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