Interceptor Force (1999)

Earth is under assault from an almost invincible alien presence! The United States government is prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice to save the world, by launching a nuclear strike against the aliens! Only one group of specially trained ass kickers can prevent this holocaust from happening! They are the Interceptor Force!

Unfortunately it turns out that Interceptor Force is made up of Olivier Gruner and a couple of other guys you don’t know! And they aren’t trained to battle outer space monsters, they’re just mercenaries! And they aren’t even called Interceptor Force! But then again, the alien invasion is actually taking place in Mexico, so the U.S. is really going to make the ultimate sacrifice on Mexico’s behalf when they nuke them! Hey, it wasn’t like we told the aliens to land in Mexico or anything!

We aren’t just picking on Mexico though. Years before the Mexican incident, we were also saving Canada by destroying it when we went and nuked Yellow Knife for having an infestation of these creatures! Besides, it isn’t like we’re running around bragging to everyone how tough we are by broadcasting our policy of nuking our allies whenever they can’t keep their aliens under control.

We’re more than willing to give everyone some cover by going along with one of those “underground gas explosion” explanations that are always trotted out so that the U.N. doesn’t get its panties in a twist because we’re annihilating these Predator rip-offs instead of inviting them to address Congress or throw out the first pitch at a Cubs game!

Gruner and his team are paid to head down to Mexico to recover the black box from a stealth fighter that crashed. Two mysterious persons are added to his team by the government agent (Brad Dourif) setting up the operation. One is an expert in communications and another has designed a tracking device that can track anything organic or inorganic. It’s only when one of Gruner’s team members turns up missing and then starts materializing and dematerializing at will does Gruner start demanding “the real story.”

The “real story” is that they are supposed to track down this alien, kill it and get a sample if they can. If they can’t dispose of it by a given time, then Dourif will order a nuclear strike on the area as he did up in Canada.

The aliens though have the ability to move back and forth between a state of solid matter and pure energy. There is no way to stop them except with the special gun some guy in the prop department made up by taking a regular assault weapon and welding some extra junk to the end of it. We know it’s a super-duper alien killer gun because they use the word “disruptor” when they talk about it.

Any special forces team would have its hands full dealing with indestructible aliens and double crossing superiors while trapped on foreign soil. Still, I’m sure the Rangers, Seals, or Delta Force could handle things, especially if they had someone like Gary Daniels or Don “The Dragon” Wilson leading them. But Interceptor Force is the freaking LAST resort! You call them in when you’re already in hell and things go and get worse!

But how could it possibly get worse? These aliens go and land right in the middle of a little Mexican town run by a savage drug lord! And he controls the strip bar that Gruner goes into looking for his team member!

And that chubby I got?  It wasn’t because of any icky cartel stripper!  It was when Gruner got surrounded by thugs and one of them went and stole his leather jacket and then put it on right in front of Gruner! Dude, you don’t have to worry about the U.S. calling in a nuclear strike because you just called one in yourself!

Later on, Gruner would fight with various incarnations of the alien, but his best battle was right here in this strip bar! Guys are doing flying kicks into the wall and through the window. Gruner is beating up dudes even as he is being held back by other dudes! Gruner is even pausing between kicks to down shots of whiskey! And yes, Gruner gets his jacket back!

For its part, the alien is a very badly done bit of computer graphics. In order to minimize this bargain basement effect as much as possible, the movie goes to an even more bargain basement trick by having the alien assume the form of deceased cast members! There’s no explanation as to how or why this happens or what that has to do with an alien being able to exist in a matter or an energy state, but it allowed Gruner to kick his friend in the nuts to test whether he was an alien or not. (He was an alien! Whew!)

It all ends the only way it could – in about 80 minutes! And by having Gruner outrun a nuclear explosion and surviving by diving down a well! Obviously, Gruner and director Phillip J. Roth know what us Gruner fans expect from a Gruner flick since they previously collaborated on Velocity Trap!

The copy of the movie I watched also had outtakes and bloopers following the credits. This was chiefly of interest because Ernie Hudson got as much screen time in the blooper reel as he did in the regular movie!

Bland and unimaginative, we know nothing about the aliens other than that they are here and are determined to run around the same couple of locations for the duration of the film, killing a few people off screen. I suppose you might have to watch Interceptor Force 2 to get some answers. And being a Gruner groupie, I have no problem doing just that!

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